12 Volt Relays and Accessories from Chicago Sensor, Inc.

General purpose double pole, double throw 12V relay

  • Versatile, ice cube style relay.
  • Appropriate for thousands of unique applications.
  • Magnetic coil draws less than 50mA of current.
  • Post 1 normally closed with post 5.
  • Post 2 normally closed with post 6.
  • 10 Amp contacts.


General purpose relay socket fits our 12V relay

  • Converts relay pins to screw terminals.
  • Makes connecting wires to your relay easy.
  • Eliminates need for soldering or connectors.
  • Post numbers match up with relay post numbers.
  • Holds relay in place firmly with friction.
  • Plug relay into socket and run wires to terminals.


About 12V relays

A 12 volt relay is a switch powered by 12 volt electric current. Most relays, including the one we sell at Chicago Sensor, use an electromagnet to operate a switching mechanism. Relays are used to control a circuit using minimal current, even though the device they control may be powered by much stronger current. A relay may also be used when it's desirable to control multiple devices with one signal.

Relays that handle the current required to directly drive an electric motor are sometimes called contactors. Solid-state relays control power circuits without moving parts by using a semiconductor device triggered by light. The relays we manufacture at Chicago Sensor are mechanical relays that use a magnetic coil to pull on a contact plate and move it from one set of contacts to another, thus completing or breaking a circuit between two or more pins.

Relays are used to protect electrical circuits from overloads or damage. Relays can be used to protect smaller switches, such as the float switches we manufacture at Chicago Sensor These devices can be susceptible to overload when they are controlling powerful devices like pumps or solenoids.

Applications for our relays include automotive, marine, machine tools, motor control and thousands of other uses.